Kansas City Walk in Tub Reviews

Boca Walk In Tub Diamond Elite

Boca Walk in Tubs™ has the slogan “America’s favorite walk-in tub” Our review of the product gives us an idea why. These walk in bathing systems are manufactured in the United States. Each tub is made with the highest quality materials available & carries a lifetime warranty.  They are designed to be easy to install, user friendly to operate and with a tub entry of only two inches safe for seniors.


Premier Care in Bathing

Premier offers several models and sizes as well as walk in showers. Premier tends to be both well known because of its advertising and higher priced then most other tubs. Our study found such a wide range of pricing that we were unable to determine how they decide on pricing their product.  Multiple complaints about this brand. Do a search, we did  “complaints premier walk in tubs”




Safe Step Walk in Tub Co.  

We give Safe Step walk in tubs 3 stars because it is a quality product and standout warranty, however it’s pricing is on the high end of the spectrum and customer service is questionable at best.  As of the writing of this article it comes in only three sizes, and the company will not give pricing over the phone. A few complaints about this brand. Do a search, we did  “complaints safe step walk in tubs”



Independent Home
Independent Home walk-in tubs offer a knowledgeable Call Center, lifetime warranty, several models and sizes, and their tubs are often priced very competitively in most areas. Independent Home tubs are imported from China and jetted in the USA. The product is very good as long as you have a strong dealer supporting it. We could not find any complaints on this particular brand of walk in tubs.  




***  Please note that the above information is a combination of facts and opinions. We hope only to offer information so you can make informed decisions. All those companies reviewed are constantly in the process of updating their lines and meeting the needs of their customer base.  


Envy Walk-In Tubs
Though the material and construction are made in the US, it fell far short of most tubs reviewed. The company offers 8 different models with multiple hydrotherapy and air jet options. Prior to leaving the factory each united is tested and must be supervisor approved. Pricing tends to be on the mid range. The company is rated A- by the BBB, and we found six complaints listed for delivery and product issues.


First Step

The First Step tub is a noticeable upgrade in materials and workmanship over most of the tubs we reviewed. Its door is a little higher than others though. The First Step tub is made in US  by Jacuzzi and carries many of the features of their other tubs, however the price is considerably higher than the rest. It does have a 100% lifetime warranty. We found no complaints online.


Jacuzzi walk in tubs has a wide selection of options.
Its door is a little higher than others though.The Jacuzzi walk in tub is made in US and carries many of the features of their other tubs, the price is higher than the rest of the tubs reviewed. It does have a 100% lifetime warranty. We found no complaints online.


American Standard
The American Standard offer several walk in tub models, most sold through the big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Some plumbers also carry the tubs. We find that tubs purchased through containers stores have mixed success, based on the installer. They are quality made, come with Quick Drain feature and carry a high end price. Warranties vary.


The Seabridge Walk-in Tubs come in different models with inward swinging doors sized to replace a standard tub. They step in height one is about 8 inches, not to different from a standard tub. The tubs do not come with a hydrotherapy jets. Door seal has a lifetime warranty, but the rest of the tub has 5 year warranty.





Reviewing walk in bathtubs currently available in the Kansas City area including Boca Walk in Tubs, Premier, Safe Step, Independent Home, Envy Walk in Tubs, Jacuzzi, Rane, American Standard, Seabridge.

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